Sql-server – How much memory is a table taking up

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Is there a way to find out how much memory a table is taking up in SQL Server (2005 and greater)?

For example, suppose I have a table with 30 million records. I'd like to know how many pages belonging to this table are currently on the buffer cache, including index, data and text/image pages.

I found this query by Pinal Dave, but it seems this query only returns pages allocated by indexes (be it clustered or unclustered ones).

Best Answer

with bd as (
    select count(*) as pages_in_memory, bd.allocation_unit_id
    from sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors bd
    where bd.database_id = db_id()
    group by bd.allocation_unit_id)
select p.object_id,
    au.total_pages as pages_on_disk,
from bd 
join sys.allocation_units au 
    on au.allocation_unit_id = bd.allocation_unit_id
join sys.partitions p
    on p.partition_id = au.container_id