Sql-server – How to Determine Object Distribution in a Multiple-File Filegroup

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I am looking to eliminate an extraneous data file in a filegroup in my DB but don't want to use the dreaded DBCC SHRINKFILE method, I am preferring to rebuild indexes into an alternate FG, perform the shrink with EMPTYFILE followed with removal of the file and then rebuild back into the original filegroup. Is there a method to identify which table/index objects are populating the utilized pages/extents in the target database file?

Best Answer

You should assume, for all intents and purposes, that parts of every object in a given filegroup will be distributed across all of the files in that filegroup. You might be able to work up some script that will prove one or two smaller tables don't have any data on file 5 or file 8, but for what purpose? I say it's easier to just write a script that will rebuild all of the tables in that filegroup.