Sql-server – How to reduce the number of things SQL Server puts in the windows event viewer

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As part of our automated unit tests, a lot of databases get created, set up, then dropped. The problem is that every time this happens, we get a bunch of records from SQL Server in the Windows Event Viewer. The messages are mostly things like: "Starting Up", "Setting database option", and "index restored".

Is there any way to modify the SQL Server config so that it doesn't log these trivial "Information"-level events to the event log. They are filling up the log so that it becomes very difficult to find useful information.

Best Answer

Note: This will not limit what gets logged. It justs stops logging in Windows Event log.

There are some stuff that you can prevent like - successful completion of log backups using Trace Flag 3226

Have a look at -n startup parameter.

From Database Engine Service Startup Options :

Does not use the Windows application log to record SQL Server events. If you start an instance of SQL Server with -n, we recommend that you also use the -e startup option. Otherwise, SQL Server events are not logged.