Sql-server – Is it important what is store in date

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I want to know is it important what is store in my date column?

For example when my user come from fa-IR culture database store date.time.now() as 1395/05/25 10:20:30 ق.ض butwhen my culture is en-US The data store as 10/08/2016 are there same as date or I must check culture and change the value?
I don't care what is want to store in database I load date as formated.

Is 1395/05/25 10:20:30 ق.ض only in view and database store data as another data (2 digit)?

Best Answer

I'd say it is about important as whatever use it is getting in your queries.

If the column is popular in WHERE clauses for reporting, triggers, etc. then I'd say just make sure that you don't have to run a function or CAST/CONVERT on the column whenever it is used in a WHERE clause. This is because running functions on an indexed column will cause the index to be ignored.