Sql-server – MS SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster connection issue

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I was about to give up with this but I'll give it a go here if anyone can help.

I've set up a fail-over cluster SQL Server with 2 SQL nodes, Domain controller and file witness. All seems to work fine, cluster manager shows no errors, I can move the SQL Server role from one node to the other. However, when using SQL studio management to run some queries, I can only connect from the node the SQL Server is running from.

I've opened all related ports (1433 and also 1434), changed SQL Server Network configuration (TCP/IP, Named Pipes, added aliases…), tried Windows Authentication and SQL Server, enabled remote connections check box… and still nothing 🙁

Is there anything I'm missing? I will eventually need to connect externally but if I can't connect even from one of the fail-over nodes to the other… 🙁