Sql-server – Run Server Agent Job on Schedule only if CPU is idle

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I have a job set up in SQL Server Agent to run an update query. I want this job to execute every night between midnight and 5am and I want it to repeat every 5 minutes during that time frame. But I only want the job to actually execute if the CPU is idle, that is the CPU utilization is below say 20%. I know I can set up the schedule, and I can also set up the CPU Idle requirement separately. Is there a way for me to set it up so that both 'schedules' have to be true for the job to run?


Best Answer

Or you can have one job that runs every 5 minutes with 2 steps:

Step #1 -- checks the CPU Usage (PowerShell), just google and there are plenty of scripts out there; If <20% exit with success go to Step 2, Else Exit with Error and finish the job (No Step #2)

Step#2 -- is the actual UPDATE.

Or as Ken suggested.