Sql-server – Should I stop transaction log backups during a full backup

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I have two SQL Agent jobs which are scheduled to run at different intervals. The first job runs a full backup once a day. The second job runs transaction log backups every fifteen minutes.

As the database has grown, the full backup is taking longer than originally planned (even with compression). And I've noticed from my logs that the transaction log backups are now running at the same time.

Should I change the schedule of the transaction log backup so that doesn't run when the full backup is running? Does it matter?

Best Answer

As you can see in this table, there is no conflict between Full backup and Log backup. They can occur at same time, and, when log backup completes, log will not be cleaned until full backup (or diff backup) completes.

enter image description here

Not all administrative tasks are allowed to run concurrently. In the table below, a black circle indicates two operations that cannot run in a database at the same time.


Concurrent Administrative Operations