Sql-server – SQL Server 2012 – password for services during silent installation


I am a database developer and I have a task to prepare silent installation of SQL Server 2012 using configuration file.
I have a problem with passwords for server services like: RSSVCACCOUNT="NT Service\ReportServer"

During normal installation with user interface there is no need to specify passwords for services. I assume that setup generates random passwords or they are handled by Windows virtual accounts.

However when I use configuration file then setup expect to provide a password either in the file or in the command prompt.

My question is why do I have to provide a password with silent installation while it is no needed during normal installation.
Is there a way to silently install SQL Server without specifying passwords for services?

Best Answer

Just to preserve this as an answer for future readers:

I have seen this type of failure before. Somehow something still knows that that managed account had been created already and therefore now requires a password.

Try your install script against a newly setup VM.