Sql-server – SQL server 2012 restore wizard freezes

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I have a development laptop with SSMS Express 2012 with a 2012 db instance and a 2008 db instance. Have been using this configuration for over a year. Suddenly I am unable to use the restore wizard. The wizard will pick the backup file but when I select the "Files" option on the upper left to designate the location of the MDF and LDF the dialog hangs. I tried a repair, no luck.

Best Answer

@Pat I have been facing the same issue for a long time, but a few minutes ago found way around it.

First of all DO NOT try to restore by right-clicking on an empty database. What you need to do is right-click on Databases and from the menu select Restore Database. In that UI you can use the Files option and the UI won't freeze.

Note: By doing this SQL will create your DB and restore into it in one go.

Hope it helps.