Sql-server – SQL server alwayson 3 Node Primary Down

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I am using three node alwayson Availability Group SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition.

2 Node in DC with File Share Witness quorum also in DC and third node to be setup in DR

I need to perform a DR switchover with all DC down And DR database up for applications.

Can this solution work or I need to use Log Shipping as third node instead of alwayson AG node.

Please help on this.


Best Answer

Yes , it should work considering 3rd node is part of same windows failover cluster.

I believe with 2 nodes you are trying to achieve HA and if 3rd node is in different data center it's ideal for DR. . Also I am not exactly sure when you say taking DC down, if both nodes down, then test the case for quorum as I guess you might be on windows 2012 and things are tricky there for odd/even majority of votes