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How we can verify if the mirror was working fine two weeks ago ??

I was checking the sqlerror log, I'm not sure whether the mirroring sync status will be logged, if so, I don't have that log. because the log was reinitialized. we do take backups. So, my other question is what to restore from tap backup to retrieve error log ( is it master db, or msdb )?

Your help is appreciated!!

Best Answer

Depending on how long your SQL Server logs are retained, you can filter the SQL Server Logs with "mirror" to get an overview (not every detail) of the mirroring status on your Mirror server.

You will see messages like:

Database mirroring is active with database 'Name' as the mirror copy.
Database mirroring is inactive with database 'Name' as the mirror copy.

And some other messages as well that may reveal other issues on the mirror server such as:

The mirroring connection to "serverconnection" has timed out ...