Sql-server – Why does SQL Browser service get disabled

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I have an intermittent problem with a software installation package that installs our product (written using InstallShield/InstallScript). During the process of the installation, we restart the SQL Browser Service. Most of the time this works fine. But occasionally – and I have not worked out how to reproduce this predictably – the service fails to restart, and I find in my "Services" manager that the service status is set to "Disabled".

Any ideas what would be causing the service to be disabled, and how to prevent it happening?

Best Answer

The SQL Server Browser Service is installed often in Disabled state (and this is what my SQL Slammer link is about, it gives the history why the Browser service is preffered to be disabled unless required). It is only required for named instances or instances listening on non-default ports. Your application installer should only restart the Browser service if needed, and certainly should check for a disabled service and ask an administrator permission to enable the service (ie. display a confirmation dialog) before messing with it.