Sql-server – Windows 10, SQLServer Express (2019), Excel 2016 import to SQLServer error Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine

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  • Workstation: 16GB RAM. 500MB SSD

  • Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)

  • Microsoft Office 2010? 2016? (Home/Student?) Not sure how to tell exactly. Office reports the version as 18.2005.1191.0 ; Excel 2016

  • SQL Server 2019 (Express Edition) Just installed 2 weeks ago.

Not available on workstation (though some supporting libraries may be present, e.g. .NET framework 3.5 && 4.8 for Windows 10):

  • Visual Studio

  • C# compiler



  • Import a USA-state-government-supplied .csv (converted by me to an Excel spreadsheet) into SQLServer.

The spreadsheet ~20 columns and ~500K rows of data to be imported into 1 fairly simple SQL Server table. No stored procedures. No constraints, 1 Primary (Identity) Key.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio query windows limits an insert statement to 1,000 records/rows at a time. I did load 2,000 rows successfully. I do not want to break the Excel spreadsheet into 500 pieces to load the entire data set. So, I thought it would be best to use the database Import and Export Wizard to load the spreadsheet.

Error/roadblock (steps to reproduce):

  • Within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio,

    1. I select the database.

    2. I select Tasks > Import Data …

    3. I follow the wizard's prompts, selecting Data Source -> Microsoft Excel; Excel file path (path to local spreadsheet file); Excel version -> Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (or Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 or Microsoft Excel 2013 or Excel 2016); First row has column names; Next

  • An error is displayed:

    TITLE: SQL Server Import and Export Wizard

    The operation could not be completed.


    The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine. (System.Data)

How can I fix this?

Additional info:

  • ODBC Data Source Administrator (64-bit) Drivers tab has entries for

    1. Microsoft Excel Driver 16.00.4513.1000 (ACEODBC.DLL)

    2. SQL Server 10.00.18362.01 (SQLSVRV32.DLL)

  • ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit) Drivers tab has entries for

    1. Microsoft Excel Driver 10.00.18362.01 (ODBCJT32.DLL)

    2. SQL Server 10.00.18362.01 (SQLSVRV32.DLL)


I saw this: https://datasavvy.me/2017/07/20/installing-the-microsoft-ace-oledb-12-0-provider-for-both-64-bit-and-32-bit-processing/

I tried the steps for Option B, but they did not change my outcome.

Best Answer

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio launched the 32-bit version of the import wizard.

I found the 64-bit version of the import wizard already installed as a standalone App. Launching that standalone App worked.