Mysql – Multi-table optimal database design


I'm a bit new to the database design. Thus this question to people who may have more experience.

I need to design a database that needs to store statistical data for many systems. The data is collected every day. There may be a couple hundred statistical counters. The number of systems can also grow.

Which database design is more efficient? From long term maintenance standpoint, from performance standpoint, etc.

  1. Design 1: one giant table with columns for counters. Then each system on each date will add its number of entries.

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  1. Design 2: every system gets its own table dynamically created. It will contain a line for every day of statistics collection. There will also be one more table of tables that will contain the list of all system tables.

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Best Answer

You say 100 measurements once a day. I'd have two tables as follows:

CREATE TABLE Measurement
  System_ID INTEGER,  -- FK into the System table
  Measurement_Date DATE (or DATETIME depending),
  Measurement_1 M1_Datatype,
  .. 100 lines
  Measurement_100 M100_Datatype

  System_Location VARCHAR(3) -- maybe a code, if that suits? Zip?
  System_Description VARCHAR(50)

@GordonLindoff is right about it being feasible to put all this data in a single table - one system's measurements are like anothers - they're the same thing - objects which have similar attributes belong in the same table (unless your storage requirements become truly massive). Plus with a 64 bit integer as a key, you'll effectively never run out of potential PRIMARY KEYs.

See my accepted answer here for good reasons to never consider an EAV system.