Mysql – Remote thesql only works from the computer, but no others


I need a direct connection to a MySQL server on a remote web server. So I've added to cpanel access hosts list an IP of the computer I wish to connect to the remote web server. But I can't connect, tried: telnet remote IP 3306, but no luck. I've tried on several computers with no luck. Only from my computer, it works. Am I missing something?


I've contacted hosting company and they confirmed that they have firewall on, but how on Earth I could connect from my computer then? I think it will remain a mystery…

Best Answer

  1. you must be have user with host % and grant level like root user
  2. You can test telnet or remote mysql from cpanel server if success networking or firewall issue is solved because your mysql server can access from other client. if not you must be check from networking level and firewall level probably default port mysql is blocked.