Electrical – 2 cell lipo battery or single cell with step up

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I am trying to design GPS tracker controled by chip from arduino with GPS/GSM module sim808.

I need to power it from lipo battery and i need 5V input for the chip which can give up to 2A peaks. What way is more easier, 1 cell lipo with step up DC/DC and single cell charger, or 2s lipo battery with 2s charger, balance circuit and linear step down DCDC?

Firstly i tried to find some DCDC step up, but the sim 808 can take up to 2A peak current and step up with at least 1A output current needs a lot of space (big capacitor and inductor) so i tried to find some solutions for charging 2s lipo battery. I even find IC charger (bq2057w) and IC with automatic balance (TI bq2920x) but they make the IC balance circuit only in VSON package which i´m not able to solder.

Can you please help me? Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

A boost step up is very simple and efficient. There are many devices especially made to give you 5V from a 3.3V or 3.6V source. All you have to do is add an inductor and a couple of resistors. Efficiency is in the 80-90+ range depending on current.