Electrical – ADC/DAC module with TCP/IP communication


I have a project: conception and realization of a module that converts Analog to digital signals (A/D converter) and digital to analog signals (D/A converter). To communicate with this module, I will use the TCP/IP Protocol.
Without using any microcontroller just ADC, DAC and TCP/IP connection so my question is: is that possible? and if it is, please give me ideas how to do that first I don't know what is the circuit and which electronics devices I need to use to concept the tcp/ip connection and second how can I connect the ADC and the DAC to this circuit.
Thank you.

Best Answer

You can get solutions other than CPUs, but I think the cure would be worse than the disease!

The two main ways not to use CPUs are dedicated gigabit ethernet 'offload' processors, designed to interface with the on-chip busses of high end processors for use in data centres, and VHDL designs that you put onto an FPGA of your choice.

Your most practical solution is a small processor running Linux that has the ethernet hardware and an OS that knows about it, a PI, Yun, Beaglebone or something similar. If you are into unlocking commercial products running linux internally (I'm not but my colleagues at work did), then there are a few tiny white boxes with an RJ45 around that could be repurposed.