Electrical – Altium: Grouping “Not Fitted” Components In Excel BOM


I would like to include "Not Fitted" components on my Excel BOM exported from Altium. This part is easy, all I need to do is check the "Include Not Fitted Components" box in the "Source Options" panel of the BOM configuration window. However, I would like to modify my Excel template to have a section specifically for "Not Fitted" components, with its own header, and have Altium automatically place the "Not Fitted" components in that section. What would I need to do in my Excel template to accomplish this?

In other words, I need to have Altium look at the "Fitted" column in the BOM and if it sees "Not Fitted" it needs to place these components in a separate section of the BOM (designated by the Excel template).

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I found something for you:


And you were right when you said in the comments that Altium is extremely versatile.