Electrical – BER vs SNR measurement in a Digital communication system


To analyse the performance of any communication system, BER vs SNR graphs are used.

For a digital system like this one (Assume there is only one signal, so mux & demux are not required)

enter image description here

SNR is measured before demodulating and BER is measured for the digital sequence after Source decoder.

Is this the right way of plotting BER vs SNR graphs?

Best Answer

In general, what you have shown and said is correct. For a fixed transmission rate \$R\$, a BER vs SNR curve will show you how well the receiver works with changing SNR levels and is arguably one of the best ways too assess overall receiver performance. The SNR value where the BER is \$10^{-9}\$ is usually noted and specified in the transceiver's datasheet as the transceiver receive sensitivity.