Electrical – Encoder terminology x1 x2 x4


As a translator from German to English, I'm looking for how English native speakers refer to this behavior of incremental encoders. The German here uses "4x-Auswertung" or "Vierfachauswertung" which translates literally to "4x evaluation". I understand this to be measuring the edge changes of both channels A and B. There is also "1x and 2x evaluation" (measuring just the rising/falling edges of one channel). I have researched the Internet and have found a mötley crüe of suggestions: X4 mode, X4 decoding, X4 resolution, etc. Is there anyone here who works with these who can tell me the right terminology? Thanks in advance!!

Best Answer

x1, x2, x4 encoding is commonly used, but most reasonable variations would be understood. English is kind of a free-for-all.

In the case of higher end encoders that have analog sin/cos outputs, it's called interpolation. In the case of the (often German) manufacturers of such encoders, I do note that the newest generation cannot even agree on an interface standard so nomenclature is a pretty minor thing.