Electrical – How to measure High-Frequency inductance of inductor using an LCR meter


I have a High-Frequency inductor available and I want to measure the inductance using the Rohde&Schwarz HM8118 LCR meter. If I change the frequency to 100kHz and voltage level to 1.5V (max) I get a value of 0.5 Henry which is way too high.

User manual of the LCR meter:


The inductor is made of two ferrite cores as shown in for example here:


How can I correctly measure the inductance (should get a value in microhenries) ?


Square wave signal of 100kHz is applied across the inductor (having no DC component). The measured inductance value also has a negative sign in front of it.

Best Answer

Raising the frequency to 100 kHz could certainly mean that you are approaching the natural self resonant frequency and you will get stupidly high inductance values and sometimes, if the frequency is too high it will behave as a capacitor and your meter displays nF or pF.

The natural self resonance is brought about by the interwinding capacitance i.e. It becomes a parallel resonant impedance.

I'm not saying definite but I am saying there's a decent probability given the size of the core. I'd trust the inductance reading at 1 kHz but by no means is 1 kHz a panacea.