Electrical – How to repair these burnt PCB holes and tracks, after the attempted repair?


I have an Akai mpk mini mkII. A common problem is a faulty power port, female USB B.

I could not find anybody that knew how to fix it, so I tried myself. I have never soldered before, so I took a crash course and dove in. When trying to get the solder out of the through holes, I must have had my heat too high and there for too long because the bigger holes look like they are in much better shape.

Is there any way to restore life back to this PCB? I was told I could try to get the burnt part off, but I am not seeing many resources on how to actually do that. I'll accept any ideas or assistance you all have to offer, thank you in advance.

![Photo of burned PCB around holes for USB connector]1

Best Answer

Your best bet is to give or send it to someone experienced and ask them to fix it for you, particularly if you want to retain the relatively sturdy USB-B connector.

You've destroyed the through-hole plating and ripped up the pads and traces.

If I was doing it, I would clean it up with alcohol and a knife, inspect it carefully under a microscope, put the new connector in the old position and use fine insulated magnet wire or wire-wrap wire to restore the connections (possibly drilling small holes through the board to get to the other side) and then when it was working, reinforce the damaged mounting pads by putting some epoxy between the connector body and the PCB. But that's relatively skilled work, hard to describe and harder to get right the first time.

Anyway, if you really want to to give it a try, this guy shows in a video how to bypass the broken socket with a cable.

enter image description here

Make sure you clean up the old connector footprint with 99% isopropanol and cut off any hanging ripped bits of copper that might short with an Xacto knife or single-edge razor blade. An incorrect connection can easily permanently destroy the board.