Electrical – how to show a picture on monitor through VGA from basys3


I must find a picture and upload it into my basys3 board then I must show it on monitor through VGA cable.
I dont know how to do that.
What are the steps I must take?

Best Answer

Broad question. A quick summary:

  • Whatever image you want to render, you represent that as a pool of digital data , pixel by pixel (known as frame-buffer) in some memory.
  • VGA Controller (which you have to design in VHDL/Verilog) will process that data, convert it into R-G-B digital data and generate the corresponding sync signals. Resolution of the image, how many bits representation is needed for one pixel, etc will come into the picture here.
  • Finally to drive the VGA display you need a Video-DAC, which converts the RGB digital data from VGA Controller to RGB analog at proper voltage levels. Basys-3 board already has one on it. Refer to the data sheet. You just need to connect the display to the VGA port of Basys-3 then. The display should be supporting the resolution and the sync signals polarity and timing should be correct.