Electrical – Is it possible for a bulb to behave like an inductor


I have learned that the bulb has made from a coil of tungsten, not only bulbs many other components like electromagnet and electric motors also have coils in it. Is there a multiple behavior for this components i.e. does these components behave like an inductor at the same time? Does these components have inductance?

Best Answer

Only ideal (theoretical) components have a single behavior. Real components always have multiple behavior. The secondary behavior is usually far less significant. In the case of an incandescent bulb, it is primarily a resistor, but a coil of tungsten will have some value of inductance as well. At AC power frequency, 50 or 60 Hz, the inductance will be insignificant, but if you use a bulb for a load in a radio frequency circuit, the inductance might be significant.