Electrical – Measure vertical distance travelled


I wonder if it's usually practical to use an accelerometer to measure the height of a ball tossed in the air. That is, would it be accurate to integrate the acceleration measured over time twice? An accelerometer like the MPU6050 has DMP for calculating pitch, roll, and yaw but nothing for height. Would it be too slow to integrate ay twice on a low-end MCU like the MSP430?

Edit: The height of travel will be less than 10cm.

Best Answer

All an accelerometer will give you is time of flight.

while the ball is in the air it's in free-fall and the accelerometer will read zero.

if you can assume a level playing field you can calculate maximum height from time of flight.

for 10cm height time of flight will be about 200ms

throw in a 3 axis gyro, and you can estimate how hard it was thrown and and how much of that throw was vertical, but time of flight is probably still your best bet.