Electrical – microphone noise cancelation using two mics using AND function


First things first, I will clear up that this question is not about external noise cancellation.
Cheap microphone generates unwanted static noise, so i decided to array two microphones and use "AND" function to filter out signal that is coming out only from both microphones, because each microphone will have different noise from another, noise will be left out, leaving only recorded signal

  1. will this work ?
  2. how to make this ?
  3. will phase be an issue ? even if they will be placed really close

Best Answer

AND is a logical function that doesn't apply to analog signals. It makes no sense in this context.

What you want to do is average (or add, just differs in gain) the two signals. If the noise from each mic is uncorrelated to the other, then this noise will be reduced by 3 dB.

Yes, this is a valid approach.