Electrical – OrCAD PCB Designer File Export to PDF (Gerber)


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i want to export this PCB circuit to PDF exacty as it is (above image), but when i click on file -> export -> PDF, its shows exacty the window on the left "Allegro PDF Publisher", then i click on film creation, and the window on the right pop up, i custumized the domain to SMBOTTOM, to show only the pin soldermask bottom, pin/bottom, etch/bottom and board geometry outline all with black color, exacty as the first image, but the PDF exported (last image) is different than the first image (like i want).

My question is how do i export the first image to PDF exacty as it is ?
enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

You need to click on "Domain Selection" in the "Film Control" window film control

Make sure the "PDF" option is enabled for SMBottom. domain selection

Then it will appear.