Electrical – Resistor Network with voltage source and current source

current-sourceresistorsvoltage divider

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Can i get some help on solving this circuit please? I need to calculate the output voltage Vout, but im not sure what to do when i have a current source parallel to R2.

What i tried doing is putting Vs as short circuit and dividing parallel resistor R2 by R1+R2 and multiplying by the current I1 of the current source.

Best Answer

R3 is in parallel with Vs hence it plays no part in solving the problem. Next, convert Vs and R1 to a current source: -

enter image description here

So now you have two current sources in parallel and the total current is the numerical sum of the individual current sources. You also have R1 and R2 both in parallel with the combined current source (easy life). So what voltage is produced by the combined current source into R1||R2?

That will be Vout.