Electrical – STM32 Anti-tamper pin deactivation


I am working on a project that uses the STM32 Cortex M3 LQFP48.
There is a pin for Anti-tamper (PC13).

I am not concerned with anti-tamper security as this is just a home project.

How can I deactivate this feature on my chip?

Best Answer

This is covered in the description of the backup control register BKP_CR:

backup control register

As you can see, if the TPE bit is not set the TAMPER pin is free to be used as general purpose IO. Only setting that bit will change the function of the pin to the tamper detection.

And the reset value of the register is 0x0, so the default value is to start as standard IO and not as tamper pin.

So under normal circumstances, you don't have to do anything special to make use of that pin.