Electrical – Transformers codes or How to i find a replacement(or sellers) to this faulty transformer


My cousin ordered a food processor called cuisinart fp-14dc from the US that is working on 110VAC while the local voltage in my country is 220v.
She plugged it without using a transformer to reduce the AC voltage to 110v and thus it is malfunctioning.
Using some of my electronics knowledge, i checked and it appears that the inner transformer inside the appliance is mulfunctioning.
I need help understanding the codes on the transformer so i can know how to find and order a replacement transformer.
Thanks in advance.

transformer details as written - 120v 12v x2 class 2 transformer E180486 p3509 b21u

Best Answer

The codes on the transformer are specific to the manufacturer, and as there doesn't seem to be a clear manufacturer name you will probably never figure them out.

Once 220V has been applied then there are probably a variety of damaged components unless you got lucky and the fuse saved you. Transformers tend to fail by heat buildup which typically to takes longer than other parts to die, if the transformer is broken I would strongly advise purchasing and replacing the entire power board.