Electrical – What are the noteworthy differences between an inverting and non-inverting op amps


It seems like they both have the same ideal rules except that non-inverting op-amps are used more often. So what are the important differences between them?

Best Answer

An inverting op-amp configuration can both amplify and attenuate a signal.

On the other hand a non-inverting configuration can only amplify.

Inverting Configuration :


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

voltage gain = - Rf/R1

so resistor values can be selected to get any value of gain even less than 1 (attenuation)

Non-inverting Configuration :


simulate this circuit

voltage gain = 1 + Rf/R1

So, voltage gain value can never be less than 1

Also input impedance value is much higher for a non-inverting configuration.