Electrical – What does the signal from an NFC pulse look like


When a smartphone comes into close proximity with a passive NFC tag for example, what does the power pulse from the smartphone 'look' like?
i.e what is the magnitude of power that is supplied, what is its frequency, how long is the pulse?

Best Answer

NFC is a very complex protocol ! I could understand the NFC specification if I wanted to but it would take me more than a couple of minutes to collect all that information from the specification.

If you have an oscilloscope available to you you could measure it by making a wire loop around an NFC tag, connecting the loop to the oscilloscope and then reading the tag with an NFC enabled smartphone. I might try that myself sometime when I'm bored on a rainy day ;-)

But if you're just starting with electronics then maybe this is a bit too complex to worry about now. What would be your reason for wanting to know this ?