Electrical – Which STM32 development board is suitable for a beginner?


I am trying to learn STM32 programming. My goal is make my own embedded system using STM32 chip on separate PCB.

There are several development board in ST. What is the most suitable one for a beginner?

How about STM32F4 Discovery development board?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

(This is about product recommendation, However this product is learning tool. I think I'm not violating rules)

Best Answer

I am also a starter and have been using STM32F407VG-DISCOVERY board over 2 months and it has almost evetything a starter may need. But in my location discovery boards were more expensive than Nucleo boards. I guess a Nucleo board also does the job. However, discovery boards has 4 user LEDs while Nucleo has 1 or 2.

The maximum clock frequency is not a very important issue, just avoid buying a board based on a mcu less than 32kB flash memory. That is because when using stm32cubeide and its automatically created projects, the required flash size was almost 27 28 kB for simple projects.