Learn English – A derogatory term for a book or other printed material


I am looking for a contemptuous or belittling word or phrase that would describe something that has been published (not necessarily a book) but is of inferior quality, and a waste of paper. It can be a slang/informal term.

Specifically, I'm NOT looking for a term for a cheap novel (like 'pulp fiction' or 'airport literature') – there's plenty of expressions both here and in wikipedia, but the book I wanted to refer to does not have any plot. It's actually an activity book, if this information happens to be of any use.
I just wanted to write something like:

This book turned out to be an unremarkable/uninspiring/etc. <…>.

I haven't managed to find anything satisfactory so far. I could probably just use something generic like 'piece of crap', but I was wondering if there was any more specific, paper-related term.

Best Answer

Consider "birdcage liner". Typically used in reference to newspapers, but widely understood as printed material fit only for a bird to poop on.