Learn English – A Less Offensive Word For Crippled Beggar?


What would be a nice way of saying a crippled beggar?

For example I want to say "I gave some money to a crippled beggar who was begging on the road" but the word crippled and beggar doesn't seem nice (I want to write this down on a journal kind of place).

Any suggestions on how to put this more nicely?

PS:- By the way I don't need the wording to be very formal or anything. What I meant by "journal" was to mean something like a "diary". Sorry if it confused you.

Best Answer

disabled panhandler. If you have details on how the person was "crippled", it may sound less offensive. For example, if he/she was is a wheelchair, then:

wheelchair-bound panhandler.

edit: I just realized that you can make it even less offensive by throwing in an adjective of admiration:

a dignified, wheelchair-bound panhandler.

Obviously, you'll want to tailor the adjective of admiration to what you actually perceived - for example, the trait that inspired you to make the donation.