Learn English – A phrase containing all “special” characters


A pangram is the phrase that contains all letters of given alphabet.

Is there any name for a phrase containing all "special" letters of given alphabet?

By "special" characters I understand all letters that differ that alphabet from standard alphabet from which it's derived (referred also as diacritics, though I'm not sure if it's usage isn't limited to Latin-derived alphabets and if, for example, ß is also a diacritic).

My question is inspired by that question on German.SE.

Best Answer

Well, as a Czech native speaker, I can tell you it is impossible to create a sentence using only special characters. You can barely create a single word using them. There simply is no such thing, and therefore no such term.

The alphabet of any given language implicitly includes all those special characters, so pangram for the given language will include all the regular characters together with the special ones.