Learn English – a single word or phrase for someone who intentionally misses the point



  1. Coworker showed us a pic on her phone of a Christmas ornament given to her by her late Grandmother. All one guy could offer was how the tree looked burned.

  2. Another coworker was on poster to play in a band for a charity event and the same guy just made fun of how another guy looked.

  3. The guy intentionally miss hears something just so he can substitute it with a word or phrase only he finds amusing.

What's the single word or phrase for someone who acts like this guy does?

Best Answer

This guy is being a smart-ass. The term can be used to describe someone who is irritatingly clever or smug. His "jokes" are about things beyond the topic at hand, and tend to be a little on the rude side. He's deliberately ignoring the focus of the conversation to satisfy himself with his own wittiness, which other people find less amusing.