Learn English – A Term for Someone Who Constantly Quotes Film/Literature/Poetry


I'm looking for a "technical" term for someone who uses quotes from movies, television series, books, poetry, etc. as the basis for conversation and/or to communicate an idea. This person might also give pop quizzes on what movie or book a certain phrase came from.

Is there an actual name for people like this? Any answers would be appreciated.


To clarify, the term I'm looking for doesn't necessarily denote a negative behavior. While this person may use quotes to exercise knowledge or superiority, I was thinking more in the context of someone who enjoyed a book/movie and thought that a certain quote benefited the discussion, often with the knowledge that other people involved were familiar with the reference.

Best Answer

If they are using direct quotes, they may be a quotationist:

A person who habitually uses quotations

Despite sounding mildly made-up, the Oxford Living Dictionary notes that it is a term from the field of Literary Criticism first used by Milton in the 17th century.

An allusionist is someone who habitually uses allusion, which is an implied or indirect reference. So this better describes someone e.g. using or paraphrasing quotes to reference something about their original context rather than someone referencing them by the name of the work.

And of course, given the audial similarity to illusionist, it will be less likely to cause confusion when written rather than spoken. Such, I suppose, is the power of the illusionist, to make things appear other than as they are.