Learn English – Adjective for a person who is constantly full of wonder/awe


I'm sure you've met someone like this; a person whose understanding of nature, structure and the universe leaves them constantly awed by the complexity of practically everything.

I'm looking for a word (English or borrowed) that describes a person with that constant elation of someone who has lived half a life in a small flat in a dull city but is suddenly taken on an all expenses paid round-the-world tour.

Awe and Wonder are nouns that I think convey this meaning, but the naïve verb equivalents (awful & wonderful) don't fit the bill.

Any ideas?

@sumelic makes an excellent clarification point: I'm specifically looking for a word that implies "I would expect them to be awestruck often in the future" whether or not they are presently.

Best Answer

How about wide-eyed:

= staring, spellbound, gobsmacked (British) (slang), dumbfounded, agog, agape, thunderstruck, goggle-eyed, awe-stricken

It's usually used to describe an instant reaction, but I think it works as a description of character: part impressionable, part naive, part optimistic.