Learn English – An Adjective Describing the Sound of Someone Losing Her Voice


Notice I said "losing," not "lost." I need an adjective for a voice with a several cracks here and there, like Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan, or Scarlett Johansson's, but a little more dire. I want something that sounds "cute," though. Not the sound, but the word.

"Raspy" sounds harsh and unattractive for my female character, and so does "hoarse." "Husky" is geared more toward guys than girls. In my novel, she actually is losing her voice, so if you'd like to contribute, please do.

I'm not sure if an example sentence is truly necessary, as I've already provided the context needed.

Best Answer

I'm not as concerned about the word raspy as you are. However, you can also consider




If it's okay to use more than one word:

delicately hoarse

slightly raspy

has a slight rasp

voice cracks occasionally (as you said in your question)

Possibly related:

vocal fry

I looked for articles about Emma Stone's voice, and found "husky," "somewhat gritty" and "husky, sexy."

And I support "throaty" as proposed by Saubree.

Helpful photographs and diagrams of "singer's nodules," and treatments, can be found at http://www.fauquierent.net/vocalcordnodule.htm.

Stone speaks about her treatment, and Meryl Streep's advice to her to use her rasp to her advantage: http://www.instyle.com/videos/what-happened-when-emma-stone-lost-her-voice-front-meryl-streep

An ENT's analysis of Lindsay Lohan's voice: http://www.ohniww.org/lindsay-lohan-emma-stone-voice-preservation/