Learn English – An adverb for when you’re not exaggerating


I want to say,

Your situation is, without exaggerating, more severe than mine.

However, I want to replace "without exaggerating" with an adverb. Something like "undoubtedly".

Now I know the word "unexaggeratedly" has not been born yet, and that I can always use the same sentence I mentioned above, but I love using adverbs in this fashion. I'm curious to know if there's an antonym for the word "exaggeratedly".


I absolutely appreciate anyone taking time to answer and comment. I read the answers, and I accepted @Boneist's answer. But then I thought, that actually doesn't answer my question. I needed a single word (an adverb in this case) to state and refute the idea of exaggeration.

  • unarguably means:

    it cannot be argued

  • unquestionably means:

    not questionable

Both of these do not refute exaggeration.

Same goes for other answers as well, namely, the most up-voted answer so far by @Ubi hatt:

  • actually means:

    As the truth or facts of a situation; really.

    It has nothing to do with exaggeration!

Now, I don't want to invent words (i.e. unexaggeratedly, as suggested by @Toothrot). But maybe that's the only option?

Best Answer

There are couple of good suggestion already given to you. I will add my bit as well. I'd like to suggest the word actually.

Actually (adverb) Oxford Dictionary

As the truth or facts of a situation; really.

That this situation continues and is actually getting worse is simply not good enough

So, your sentence can be rewritten as follows:

Your situation is actually more severe than mine.


Etymologically exaggeration means "unreasonable or extravagant amplification," 1560s, from Latin exaggerationem.

Further, exaggeratedly is an adverb of the noun exaggeration. According to Oxford dictionary "exaggeration" means "a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is" i.e. a statement or an idea presented in a blowout proportion.

So, something representing opposite to exaggerated should be unexaggerated which in-fact means: Not exaggerated, overblown, or unrealistic.

But, we know that the adverb unexaggeratedly (which you are looking for) does not exist.

So, in that case the idea representing something as "without exaggerating" or not overblown or unrealistic should be actual. Actual according to Oxford dictionary means "Existing in fact; real". An adverb of the word actual is actually. It means "truth or facts of a situation" i.e. something represented without exaggeration.