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I am having Grammar exam in a week so I am looking for nay reference on a collection of large number of questions like rewriting sentences without changing the meaning, etc.

Our textbook is not good enough so asking for help here.

Best Answer

Much of the literature on transformational grammar concerns the analysis of paraphrase, because transformations were held to change sentences in ways that did not affect meaning. Look at McCawley, The Syntactic Phenomena of English, for instance, for the account of Extraposition ("That Lois left surprised me" -> "It surprised me that Lois left"), Passive ("Lois ate lots of pie" -> "Lots of pie was eaten by Lois"), Relative Clause Formation ("I planted an acorn, and it grew into an oak" -> "An acorn that I planted grew into an oak"), and so on.

(I'm not sure that McCawley discusses Relative Clause Formation under this name.)