Learn English – Best way to describe a decrease in time taken


I have written an algorithm that greatly improves the computation time for a particular problem, but I am divided on how to best describe this in writing. As a rough guide, a process that previously took 20 seconds will now only require 1 second under the new approach. Based upon both clarity and punchiness, which is the best way to describe this out of the following:

  • a 95% reduction in computation time
  • a 20x speed-up in computation time
  • a better unspecified option

Best Answer

Being a programmer, you realize that if the audience is somewhat non-technical, they may not care about"computation time", but rather in perceived performance.
You might write,

".. a 2000% increase in performance"

If they are comfortable with terms like computation time, you could say,

"uses 5% of the computation time required previously"