Learn English – Better way to say ” We will ” we will now hear report from …..”


In a meeting where you are going to be asking for a lot of reports from individuals, are there other options, then just repeating "we will hear report from….., over and over

Best Answer

There are a couple of ways to approach this, but bare in mind there is no good way to avoid some redundancy as that is the nature of the report meeting you described.

You could explain at the beginning of the meeting how you will ask for reports, such as:

We will hear reports starting from the left of the table and moving around to the right. Please state your name at the beginning of your report, keep it brief and to the point. Hold questions until the conclusion. Unanswered questions will be added to the parking lot board for later discussion. Each person will present their report and we will then move on after they finish, continuing until each person is done. I will simply say, "Next, please," when it's your turn.


  • Pat will now report on XYZ. Please begin.
  • John will now report on ABC. Please begin.
  • Jill will now report on HIJ. Please begin.