Learn English – Can we use “use unfriendly” as an adjective?


I was wondering according to American English if this is a valid grammatical sentence:

This item is a little use unfriendly.

It sounds ok but I was wondering if "use unfriendly" (I mean without the 'r', not user-unfriendly) could be used as an adjective this way.

P.S. I was wondering if it is grammatical according to British English too.

Best Answer

If you mean by "use unfriendly" unfriendly to use, then you need a hyphen, or the sentence is hard to parse and read and ungrammatical. Also, unfriendly to user would be a more conventional way to describe such an item, hence user-unfriendly. The latter would be a better choice semantically and grammatically. Not user-friendly would probably be more popular than user-unfriendly, and this EL&U post gives several more options to replace it, too, if you're still not comfortable using it.