Learn English – Capitalization of Bayesianist and frequentist


I wonder how Bayesianist and frequentist are correctly capitalized. I figure that Bayesianist is spelled with a capital B (named after Thomas Bayes), yet frequentist with a miniscule f as it doesn't contain a proper name. Am I right?

Best Answer

From Wikipedia on the capitalization of eponyms:

Because proper nouns are capitalized in English, the usual default for eponyms is to capitalize the eponymous part of a term. When used as proper adjectives they are normally capitalized, for example Victorian, Shakespearean, and Kafkaesque.

However, some eponymous adjectives and noun adjuncts are nowadays entered in many dictionaries as lowercase when they have evolved a common status, no longer deriving their meaning from the proper-noun origin. For example, Herculean when referring to Hercules himself, but often herculean when referring to the figurative, generalized extension sense; and quixotic and diesel engine [lowercase only].