Learn English – Correct preposition for “porch”


I would like to know whether 'I park my car 'on the porch' or 'in the porch' is correct?

Best Answer

In the UK, it's neither on nor in the porch. This is a decent-sized porch:

Wooden porch from Roger Gladwell Source

Parking on that is plainly ridiculous; and it's too small to park a car in it.

Andrew Lazarus suggested a carport, and it could look like a porch:

Carport in front of garages [Andreas Hornig]

In British English, one parks under a carport; and if this structure were called a porch, it would still be under the porch. It's under because there is simply a supported roof, and no walls to be inside of.

What British English doesn't have is "porch" describing the sort of large covered terrace which fronts some American houses.