Learn English – “Equal situation”, which sentence is correct?


He and she have equal situation.

They are in equal situations.

They are in equal situation.

Best Answer

*He and she have equal situation.

For starters, we need an article (an equal situation).

If someone has a situation, they have a problem. I doubt that is the meaning you are aiming for.

*They are in equal situation.

Again, we need an article. This sentence would indicate that "they" are in a similar situation as someone else that we mentioned earlier, or that his situation is similar to hers.

They are in equal situations.

Here, you have the right article (plural indefinite article is the zero article). In this case, his situation is similar to her situation.

Now, all three sentences sound off to me, because I would not use equal to describe situations.

_Situations may be similar, or even identical, but equal gives a different feeling. In mathematics, two things are equal is the have the same value. In English, things are equal if they have the same value, importance or rights. The two things do not have to be the same:

Man and woman are equal. -> this does not mean they are the same!

If the situation that he is in is the same as the situation that she is in, the most idiomatic way to say that is

They are in the same situation.

Note that I also switched to a definite article: the situation is defined as the one that they are both in.