Learn English – Expression for a situation which you’re forced to be in but would still choose over something else since you’ve gotten used to it with time


For example: isolation and not having anyone in life is an issue many are forced to have in life at a time. They do crave for intimacy and lack of this monotonous lifestyle. However, even if they daydream about things being different, they don’t yet go out of their way to pursue something else in order to get out of the circumstances. They get used to this way of life and stay this way yet feeling forced and feeling like a victim.

Best Answer

An expression which is probably relevant in addressing this situation is

Better the devil you know [than the devil you don't].

From CED:


​ said when you think it is wiser to deal with someone or something familiar, although you do not like him, her, or it, than to deal with someone or something you do not know that might be worse

It can also be considered

the lesser of two evils.

From The Farlex Dictionary of Idioms:

The less offensive of two undesirable options.

Both options are unpalatable, but the lesser of two evils, in this case, is selling the house.

Polls show that the candidate is not well-liked, but is viewed as the lesser of two evils.

It is possible that persons in such a condition just can't bring themselves to make a change per se; this is just inertia.