Learn English – Heterogeneous. Is there a verb for this word


I am writing a scientific article in which the word heterogeneous is used frequently to indicate to the (CPU + GPU computing). However, several occasions I need to express the idea using verb like: make computing heterogeneous. I could not find anything other than the adjective and name (heterogeneous & heterogeneity respectively). Is there a verb for this name? If not, what good replacement can I use instead?

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TFD Encycl.

heterogenization: in metallurgy, generation in some metal alloys of a structure consisting of two or more phases of different crystal lattices.


heterogenization: The process of making or becoming heterogenic or heterogenized


The process of adoption of elements of global culture to local cultures is known as glocalization3[5] or cultural heterogenization.[14]

ant: homogenize

Ian Jarvie, Thinking about Society

In the struggle to control the market, worsting the competition is part of the battle. As firms grow, they begin to differentiate product, and heterogenize content. [emphasis added]